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Best Chainsaws – Husqvarna VS Jonsered

Are you shopping for the best chainsaws in the market? If so, you have come to the right place. With dozens of brands on the market, choosing the best chainsaw might not be easy. There are many advantages to having a quality chainsaw round the house. It allows you to quickly trim branches, take down trees in the garden or trim dense and heavy bushes.

Safety and functionality are two of the most important things to look for when choosing the best chainsaw on the market. Two Swedish brands of chainsaws stand out from the rest of the competition when shopping for the best chainsaw on the market.

These two brands are Husqvarna and Jonsered. What is the difference between Husqvarna and Jonsered chainsaws? Which brand is best for your home? Read on to find out which brand you should choose for your home.

Jonsered CS 2260 WH

Jonsered Chainsaw

The Jonsered chainsaw has been around since the 1950s. The company has its headquarters in a small town in the northeast of Sweden – which is named Jonsered. The brand is known by the name of the town. Jonsered claims that its engineers have an innate ability to design chainsaws to suit the needs of every homeowner because of the number of forest communities in that part of Sweden. The forest cover in Sweden is about 75% of the total land area. But this brand of chainsaw isn’t well known in the United States like Husqvarna.

It’s easy to find spare parts for Jonsered because they are available from a variety of outlets, including Home Depot, Amazon, and Menards. The online presence of the brand makes it easier for customers to buy the product. You don’t need to worry about buying this chainsaw from a licensed dealer in the country. This chainsaw comes with a lot of user-friendly features such as the unique air cleansing system and tool-free tensioning feature. The air cleaning system will remove over 97% of the sawdust from the tool.

Sawdust won’t clog the air filter of the chainsaw. The low-end Jonsered chainsaws are priced between $100 and $300. The farm-and-ranch Jonsered chainsaws are priced between $300 and $500. Make sure you research before choosing the right Jonsered chainsaw for your home.

Husqvarna Chainsaw

Husqvarna is one of the oldest chainsaw companies in the world. It has been in business since 1689. This company is established in the town of Husqvarna in southern Sweden. The company originally manufactured rifles and started manufacturing chainsaws only in the mid-1900s. But the brand became one of the most trusted chainsaw brands in the world within a short period. You can easily find Husqvarna dealers across the United States. It’s easily available in the country when compared to Jonsered.

Husqvarna offers a wide range of chainsaw models and types compared to Jonsered. They have products with displacements between 30CC to 120CC. It’s easy to care for Husqvarna chainsaws. They make saws for professionals and newbies alike. Their electric chainsaws don’t produce any emissions. Make sure you buy the best chainsaw to suit your needs and budget.

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